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  1. hi, i have this module, but on bike don't work
  2. Hi to all, i want buy this module for try to read Yamaha R1 (Have SH 7058) is possible? thanks
  3. Ciao, ok per 7000 rubli. spedizione? il pagamento è buono paypal? Ringraziamenti in anticipo saluti Mauro
  4. hi, you sell only module 19-25 or olso hw key with license? i am italian boy i have openport 2.0 thanks in advance
  5. Hello to all. ask for advice on what to buy I've already got the powerbox and openport 2.0. I have to read and write SH7072-7054-7058 processors on ecu denso Motorbike (yamaha, suzuki, kawasaki) Do you know what software and module I need to buy? regards Mauro from Italy
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