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  1. SWAMI

    Чип-тюнинг Toyota - Lexus

    no I have not I am also looking for the following stock file for Hiace Identification Calibration: 326C4000 Calibration file: 89663-26C40 Hardware: TRH2###2TRFE Part Number: 89661-26L90
  2. SWAMI

    Подключение Motobike Yamaha R1 к Piasini

    to read , a section of the ecu must be cut to expose jtag pads for each mcu
  3. SWAMI

    Honda (бензин)

    Good day, seeking the stock file : 2006 Honda Fit /Jazz L13A Keihin 37805-PWA-9350
  4. SWAMI

    Чип-тюнинг Toyota - Lexus

    Good day, Does anyone know how I can find the following file? Calibration: 32669200 A2501000 Calibration file: 89663-26692 8966A-25010 Hardware: KDH2## 1KDFTV Part Number: 89661-26F80
  5. SWAMI


    is there any problem using bitbox VR file to recover toyota ecu 496kb file vs jtag read 512kb ??
  6. SWAMI

    Чип-тюнинг Toyota - Lexus

    Good day. The anyone have the Does the firmware stock the Toyota Prado 3.0 the ECU the Label: 89661-6a050 Calibration 89663-60211
  7. i've used this module with chipsoft mid did you read full flash from ecu and eeprom? may have corrupt flash memory/eeprom if connection is lost during erase/write may be best to write on table