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  1. no I have not I am also looking for the following stock file for Hiace Identification Calibration: 326C4000 Calibration file: 89663-26C40 Hardware: TRH2###2TRFE Part Number: 89661-26L90
  2. to read , a section of the ecu must be cut to expose jtag pads for each mcu
  3. Good day, seeking the stock file : 2006 Honda Fit /Jazz L13A Keihin 37805-PWA-9350
  4. Good day, Does anyone know how I can find the following file? Calibration: 32669200 A2501000 Calibration file: 89663-26692 8966A-25010 Hardware: KDH2## 1KDFTV Part Number: 89661-26F80
  5. is there any problem using bitbox VR file to recover toyota ecu 496kb file vs jtag read 512kb ??
  6. Good day. The anyone have the Does the firmware stock the Toyota Prado 3.0 the ECU the Label: 89661-6a050 Calibration 89663-60211
  7. i've used this module with chipsoft mid did you read full flash from ecu and eeprom? may have corrupt flash memory/eeprom if connection is lost during erase/write may be best to write on table
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