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  1. Hello What better tools using to tune Hyundai petrol? Edit file...? Read and write ? Checksum?
  2. Sw 89663-F0G20 Hilux 2017 2TRFE Sw 89663_ 0ZA70 Corolla 2017 1ZRFE
  3. Can you give me online course for edit toyota file ? I use bitedit but I want to learn more about it,
  4. How about ECU titinum if I use PCM flash for hyundai and Kia?
  5. I have some experince for that becouse I work on toyota lexus by bitedit and bitbox . But If there is any one can give me online course?
  6. Thank you What device I need it to edit file for hyundai & kia if I use PCM flash?
  7. Hi frinde What is the better porgrame to edit file for hyundai?
  8. If I pay PCM flash What advice I need it to edit file
  9. What is the different between PCM flash and Multiflaser?
  10. Thanks frinde But about PCM flash it is read ,write , edit, or only read and write?
  11. Hello frind There is no one for me for edit file for toyota lexus & hyundai kia? And what is the best tools to read and write ? I use bitedit and bit box for toyota & lexus but I want to learn more. Thanks.
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