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Продажа программатора версии XPROG BOX 5,71

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  • Последовательные ЭСППЗУ  24Cxx, 25Cxx, 93Cxx, 95xxx, MDA2062, NVM3060, M6M800xx, S2100, S24Hxx, TC89xxx, X2444, M35080.

MC68HC05  MC68HC05B6 (0F10V, 3D33J), MC68HC05B8, MC68HC05B16, MC68HC05B32 (0D60J, 3G96A), MC68HC05X32 (0D53J, 0D69J, 1H52A, 1D69J), MC68HC705X32 (2D59J), MC68HC705B16 (0D28J), MC68HC705B16N, MC68HC705B32, MC68HC05E6 (0F82B, 0G72G) , MC68HC05H12 (0H57A), MC68HC05P3 (1E25B), MC68HC705P3 (1F75B), MC68HC05K3 (S105078003).

MC68HC05 (байпас безопасность)  MC68HC05Bxx, MC68HC05Xxx ..

MC68HC08  + (Обход безопасности) MC68HC08AS32, MC68HC08AZ32, MC68HC08AZ32 (0J66D), MC68HC908AZ32 (0L72A), MC68HC08AZ32A (1L52H), MC68HC08AZ32A (2L52H), MC68HC08AS60, MC68HC08AS60 (8H62A), MC68HC908AS60 (3J74Y), MC68HC08AZ60, MC68HC08AZ60 (2J74Y), MC68HC08AZ60A , MC68HC08AZ60A (1L87J), MC68HC908AZ60A (3K85K), MC68HC908GR4 (2M70Z), MC68HC908GR8 (2M70Z), MC68HC908GR16 (0M76Z,), MC68HC908LJ24, MC68HC908LK24, MC68HC908LJ12  (AUTH-0027-1) ,  (AUTH-0027-2)

MC9S08  MC9S08DZ16, MC9S08DZ32, MC9S08DZ48, MC9S08DZ60, MC9S08DZ98, MC9S08DZ128, MC9S08DV96, MC9S08DV128, MC9S08AW8, MC9S08AW16, MC9S08AW48, MC9S08AW32, MC9S08AW60  (AUTH-0027-1)

MC68HC11  MC68HC11A1 (C11W), MC68HC11A8 (AB95T), MC68HC11E1, MC68HC11E9 (4E28B, 0F36W), MC68HC11EA9 (0D46J, 1D47J, 2D47J), MC68HC11F1 (2F37E), MC68HC11F1 (E87J), MC68HC11K4, MC68HC11K4 (0E75J), MC68HC11K4 (1E62H) , MC68HC11K4 (3E74J), MC68HC11KA4, MC68HC11KA4 (0E57S), MC68HC11KS2 (1E59B), MC68HC11KS2 (0H95B), MC68HC11KW1, MC68HC11L6, MC68HC11P2 (3E74J), MC68HC11P2 (1E53M), MC68HC11P2 (0G10V), MC68HC11PA8, MC68HC11PH8, MC68HC11PH8 (3D64J) , MC68HC11PH8 (0H30R).

MC68HC11 (байпас sercurity)  MC68HC11A1 (C11W), MC68HC11A8 (AB95T), MC68HC11E1, MC68HC11E9 (4E28B, 0F36W), MC68HC11EA9 (0D46J, 1D47J, 2D47J), MC68HC11F1 (2F37E).

MC68HC (9) 12, MC9S12 + обводной sercurity  MC68HC12BL16 (только EEPROM), MC68HC12B32, MC68HC912D60, MC68HC912D60A, MC68HC912Dx128, MC68HC912Dx128A, MC9S12C64 (0M66G), MC9S12HZ128, MC9S12HZ256, MC9S12DT128 (1L40K, 3L40K, 4L40K, 0L94R, 1L59W, 5L40K), MC9S12DG128 (0L58S), MC9S12DB128B (0L85D), MC9S12DJ64 (0L86D), MC9S12D64 (1L86D, 2L86D), MC9S12DJ64 (3L86D), MC9S12DJ64 (4L86D, 0M89C), MC9S12DP256 (0K79X, 1K79X, 2K79X), MC9S12DT128 (1L85D), MC9S12DT256 ( 0L01Y), MC9S12H256 (1K78X), MC9S12B128 (0L80R, 1L80R, 2L80R, 3L80R), MC9S12H256 (2K78X), MC9S12DP512 (0L00M, 1L00M, 2L00M), MC9S12C64 (0M66G), MC9S12T64 (L42M)

MC9S12C  MC9S12C16, MC9S12C32, MC9S12C64, MC9S12C96 ,  MC9S12C128 Поддерживаемые Маски: 0M66G, 2L09S, 2L45J  ( AUTH-0024-1 )

MC9S12C + обводной безопасности  MC9S12C64  Поддерживаемые Маски: 0M66G  ( AUTH-0024-1 )

MC9S12T + обводной безопасности  MC9S12T64  Поддерживаемые Маски: L42M  ( AUTH-0024-4 ,  AUTH-0024-5 )

MC9S12HA / HY / P  9S12HA32 / 48/64 (P-FLASH, D-FLASH), 9S12HY32 / 48/64 (P-FLASH, D-FLASH), 9S12P32 / 64/96/128 (P-FLASH, D-FLASH ) ( AUTH-0024-4 )

MC9S12G  9S12G (A / N) 16/32/48/64/96/128/192/240 (P-FLASH, EEPROM) ( AUTH-0024-4 )

MC9S12X + обводной sercurity  MC9S12XD128, MC9S12XD256, MC9S12XDT384, MC9S12XDP512 (0L15Y, 1L15Y, 0M84E, 1M84E, 0M42E, 1M42E, 2M42E)

MC9S12XHZ  MC9S12XHZ256, MC9S12XHZ384, MC9S12XHZ512


MC9S12XF MC9S12XF128, 256, 384, 512 (PFLASH, DFLASH, EEPROM)  Поддерживаемые Маски: 0M64J,  1M64J, 2M64J ( AUTH-0024-2 )

MC9S12XE + сброс безопасности  MC9S12XEG128 (PFLASH, DFLASH, EEPROM), MC9S12XET256 (PFLASH, DFLASH, EEPROM), MC9S12XEQ384 (PFLASH, DFLASH, EEPROM), MC9S12XEQ512 (PFLASH, DFLASH, EEPROM), MC9S12XET512 (PFLASH, DFLASH, EEPROM), MC9S12XEP768 (PFLASH, DFLASH, EEPROM), MC9S12XEP100, SC667095, SC667249 (PFLASH, DFLASH, EEPROM) Поддерживаемое Маски: 0M53J, 1M53J, 2M53J, 3M25J, 5M48H, 1N35H ( AUTH-0024-3 )

MC9S12XHY 9S12XHY128 (P-FLASH, D-FLASH) 0M23Y, 9S12XHY256 (P-FLASH, D-FLASH) 0M23Y ( AUTH-0024-4 )

MC9S12XS 9S12XS64 / 128/256 (P-FLASH, D-FLASH) 0M04M, 1M04M, 0M05M ( AUTH-0024-4 )

MC9S12XS  + сброс безопасности 9S12XS128 (P-FLASH, D-FLASH) 0M04M, 1M04M, 0M05M ( AUTH-0024-5 )

ARM Micronas + обводной sercurity  CDC3217, CDC3272, CDC3297, CDC32xx + 24C32

MPC5xx  MPC555, MPC556, MPC561, MPC562, MPC563, MPC564, MPC565, MPC566.


ST7 / ST10  ST72321, ST72F321, ST72521, ST72F521, ST10F168, ST10F269, ST10F272, ST10F275, ST10F276, ST10F280

MPC5xxx / SPC560xx  MPC5515 (FLASH, Тень), MPC5516 (FLASH, Тень), MPC5517 (FLASH, Тень), MPC5554 (FLASH, Тень), MPC5602B / C, MPC5603B / C, MPC5604B / C, MPC5605B (1M03Y), MPC5606B ( 1M03Y), MPC5607B (1M03Y), MPC5602S (2M25V), MPC5604S (2M25V), MPC5606S (2M25V), MPC5604P (0M26V), SPC560B40 / 50/54/60/64, SPC560C40 / 50, SPC560P44 / 50: Код FLASH, данных FLASH, код FLASH испытаний, код FLASH Тень, испытания блока флэш - памяти ( AUTH-0025-1 )

MAC7xxx  MAC7111 FLASH / D-FLASH, MAC7112 FLASH / D-FLASH, MAC7116 FLASH / D-FLASH, MAC7131 FLASH / D-FLASH MAC7241 FLASH, MAC7241 Тень Блок, MAC7242 FLASH, MAC7242 Тень Блок ( AUTH-0023-1 )

XC16x  XC164-F16, F32-XC164

XC2xxx  XC2060M-104, XC2060N-40, XC2336B-24, XC2336B-40, XC2336B-72, XC236xA-56, XC236xA-72 ,, XC236xA-104, XC236xB-24, XC236xB-40 ( AUTH-0023-2 )

TMS370 / 374  TMS370C002A, TMS370C010A, MS370C012A, TMS370C020A, TMS370C022A, TMS370C032A, TMS370C040A, TMS370C042A, MS370C050A, TMS370C052A, TMS370C056A, TMS370C056A, TMS370C256A, TMS374C003APQQ, TMS374CD13APQQ.

Сводки ARM Micronas CDC32xxx  AUDI A3, Audi TT, OCTAVIA, OCTAVIA II, Caddy, Golf V, Jetta, Passat, Touran, 1K0920863B, 1K0920864B, 1K0920874B, 1T0920864A, 1T0920874A, 1Z0920812D, 1Z0920842D, 1Z0920842E, 1Z0920912D, 3C0920852S, 3C0920871D, 8J0920930E, 8P0920931B, 1K0920873B, 1K0920972D, 1Q0920873A, 1K6920974B, 1K6920972E, 8P0920931E, 8P0920901K

Иммобилайзеры  EWS-3, CAS4 5M48H, 1N35H

Другие  ZGS 001 164 540 56 62, 169 540 69 45, A 220 445 19 00, A 211 445 25 00, A 211 540 25 45, A 211 540 29 45, A 211 540 35 45, XP8000 XET256, NCG4 Chrysler -Dodge -Jeep (MPC5554, MPC5554-> ST95320 через JTAG), Volvo CCM (MPC5516), Yamaxa T-MAX (9S12T64), GM24443217 (XC164-F16)

Цена  версия 5.71 - 270 у.е.


контакты для связи 

skype: cjredeemer  

Электронная почта: [email protected] 


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